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Out of Imagery Cover Art

"Out of Imagery" feat.Megurine Luka(イメジェリの地平)

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1 : The Green Bells (緑の鐘)
2 : Samba de Opacidade (不透明のサンバ)
3 : AGAIN (ふたたびの生)
4 : An Unknown Philosopher in the Ancient Days(いにしえの哲学者)
5 : City of Birds (鳥の町)
6 : Elegy for the Awakening (挽歌)
7 : 4C41455449544941 (4C41455449544941)
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着うたフル(The Green Bells)
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piapro (mp3)

Hopeful Colors in Japan (Miku and Luka)
Hopeful Colors in Japan (Karaoke feat.Miku)
Hopeful Colors in Japan (Karaoke)
City of Birds feat.Luka (Instrumental)
Elegy for the Awakening (a cappella)
The Green Bells (Instrumental)
4C41455449544941 (Off Vocal, piano version)
Graduation from Life feat.Luka (is out now)

The Green Bells (Instrumental) powered by piapro
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